How Do You

pivot a brand towards eco-conscious e-commerce shoppers?

To mark a shift in both ethos and aesthetics, established perfumery brand Bronnley appointed HDY Agency to develop a new soap collection, Nature House. 

Managing design, copy, packaging, and production, Nature House is inspired by the enchanted world of overgrown gardens, captured botanicals, and secret scents. 

Nature House offers a fresh brand perspective that marks a shift away from Bronnley’s traditional aesthetics. Using a timeless typeface that harks back to Bronnley’s heavy serif heritage, the outer label brings together the old and the new. For the packaging, we created hand-drawn illustrations to capture the beauty and chaos of an authentic British cottage garden brimming with delicate, mesmerising patterns.

Supporting the design details, our copywriting took lends from a famous Victorian pastime, ‘The Language of Flowers’, which used floriography to say what could not be spoken aloud. 

Each collection has a unique four-lined rhyme that captures an evocative natural scene. This tradition of ‘talking bouquets’ and the symbolic meaning of plants leads to a poetic approach to the products copy. Unique to each scent. 

The Nature House Collection launched in summer 2021. Building upon Bronnley’s rich history whilst bringing the brand forward to the present day, HDY repositioned it as the sustainable, British beauty supplier of choice.