How Do You?

Drive data acquisition with a cracking Christmas campaign?

When National Express needed a captivating Christmas experience to work across their social channels. We knew we could come up with a showstopper. Using organic social posts, paid ads and regional influencers, National Express saw consumer engagement rocket with a 64% opt-in email sign-up.

This was HDY at it’s finest. Bringing together data and creativity to wow consumers and drive results. Our primary campaign involved a pantomime ticket giveaway to put National Express destinations on the Christmas calendar. This was bolstered by a national influencer strategy, using local legends to amplify our campaign in key locations to reach a potential 316k. 

Using key demographic research we looked at data from social media following to gain real insights into customers and their interests. This guided our smaller prize giveaway from brands our audiences loved.

‘Twas the season to be playful and HDY’s design team had fun gamifying social assets with cute, Christmassy twists. These caught consumers attention. Along with a 7 second video which we used on a boosted post to capture the campaigns look and feel. 

The campaign saw content interaction from all of the key cities CTR was up 25%. Instagram posts reached 30% engagement and National Express gained ‘000 of new followers over the campaign period and ‘0000 of new MQL’s. We went to town with this and our multi-faceted approach and festive energy really paid off. (Oh yes it did!)