How Do You

shake-up care worker recruitment to achieve remarkable results?

Sanctuary Care’s journey from industry standard to industry stand-out.

Sanctuary Care is a trusted care home provider in the UK, operating over 100 homes across England and Scotland. Recognising the downward trend in care worker employment, Sanctuary Care approached us to develop a recruitment campaign that would not only stand out but also inspire a new generation to consider care as a rewarding long-term career.

Our campaign results were truly outstanding, surpassing the performance of previous campaigns conducted by Sanctuary Care.

Understanding what drives carers to care.

To drive applications for new care workers in key locations across the UK, our team of strategists embarked on an extensive research mission. We travelled the country, hosting focus groups with existing care workers, delving into the roots of their passion and what makes their job so special. The answer was clear: it’s the relationship with the people they care for.

Putting carer/resident relationships at the heart of the creative.

With this insight in mind, our campaign creative captured the essence of care work at Sanctuary Care. We wanted to convey this message with impactful visuals that broke away from industry imagery of carers and residents. We knew that would get lost in the sea-of-same. 

To cut through, we used bold colours – a visual nod to the personalities of residents and a sense of vibrancy that a career in Sanctuary Care brings. The art direction stripped back everything to focus on the relationship of carer and resident. 

Headlines were crafted from the real stories we’d heard in our research sessions at Sanctuary Care homes. Capturing the stories and personalities of residents and carers alike.

Our expert campaign managers devised a targeted delivery strategy that made the most of our media budget, ensuring we reached our desired audiences and drove applications effectively.

Adopting a hyper-local approach, we focused on key locations across the UK, grouping care homes in close proximity to maximise our budget and capture the attention of our target audience.

The results were truly outstanding, surpassing the performance of previous campaigns conducted by Sanctuary Care.

Successful job offers increased by 800% in comparison to our previous campaign, with total application numbers also rising by a staggering 93%. Our vibrant campaign creative and strategic deployment also helped to deliver an average engagement rate that was 74% above industry benchmarks.

The success of this campaign has further deepened our partnership with Sanctuary Care. Building on this achievement, we are working with the business on other transformational projects. Together, we are committed to championing their values and attracting more passionate individuals to the rewarding career of care work.