How Do You

create internal communications that engage employees of a global organisation?

The Binding Site is at the cutting edge of their industry. Founded in 1983, the global, commercial leader in the immunodiagnostic space provides diagnostic products to clinicians and laboratories worldwide. Built on strong scientific foundations, The Binding Site is changing the modern medical world through delivering innovative medical solutions to help diagnose and manage blood cancers and immune system disorders.

Headquartered in Birmingham UK, The Binding Suite is located in over 100 countries including the United States and the United Arab Emirates. Home to a range of specialist departments ranging from lab technicians to corporate staff, issues surrounding internal communication was common. 

The directive from The Binding Site CEO, Stefan Wolf, was to advance internal communication across the organisation. Focused on bridging the gap between departments, improving transparency and boosting employee engagement.

For maximum impact, The Binding Site came to HDY Agency with a clear challenge. They needed a key communication channel for their internal marketing approach. Eager to work with an incredible, life-changing company, HDY was ready to bring the vision to life. 

Intent on aligning with the brand values of dedication, enthusiasm and integrity, the HDY video production team put their all into providing cutting edge video content. Using the latest equipment, we worked alongside Stefan to create a consistent look and feel for internal communications. We distilled, infused and created engaging content that would resonate and update internal teams.

With time dedicated to filming and post production, our in-house moving-image team were responsible for all aspects from grading, ensuring content adheres to brand guidelines, through to creating bespoke animations.

In the initial three month span of this brand new internal marketing initiative, The Binding Site updated employees on relevant subject matters while holding their attention throughout long-from videos. Our success led to HDY and The Binding Site collaborating further on internal communications. 

In the first three months, we were able to achieve …