How Do You

create a disruptive launch campaign with confidence at its core for V12VF?

When you’re the new kid on the block, it pays to be disruptive. 

That’s what we learned working V12VF, a used car finance solution with a fresh approach to banking. To launch its new Prime product with impact, it was vital to push the brand forward.

To turn heads and gain trust, the Drive with Prime campaign needed to cut-through. Our approach was to be bold.

With movement and confidence at its core, strong colours, kinetic typography and pronounced copy directed the campaign’s personality. To elevate the launch, we produced a suite of digital assets, gated content, an optimised landing page, a 6-week media plan and a fast-paced product video. 

 Implemented cross-channel, the creative spanned paid social, digital paid media, organic social, email and PR. 

In a nutshell, the Drive with Prime campaign demanded to be seen and heard. As a result, we saw a huge spike in product interest for V12VF.