Birmingham is booming… and it means business!

23rd April 2021

Now, we know we’re a bit biased, but we reckon Birmingham is worth shouting about. And lately, the rest of the world is piping up in agreement. 

Over the last year, disruptive forces have combined and taken the focus away from the capital. Brexit, coronavirus and a rising remote-work culture has cast a shadow over the London-centric mentality. Shone a light on the regional hotspots which are ticking all the boxes.

But why Birmingham in particular? While it has kept its status as an economic powerhouse since the days of the industrial revolution. It’s also been misconstrued as a city of cars and concrete. Yet, with news of Goldman Sachs joining the growing list of big businesses choosing Birmingham as their base, heads are beginning to turn. 

Quality office space, canalways, cycle paths and affordable housing are just a few of the factors pointed to in the Financial Times last week, to explain the city’s transformation. Especially for business! Add to that list an excellent tram network, a big 5G initiative and the plan for high speed train HS2, you have a superbly connected city right in the heart of the UK. 

The digital potential of the West Midlands is something we sussed out way back. HDY’s co-founder Ed James is always keen to blow the Brummie horn with industry trailblazers of the region. Our podcast is just a snippet of a broader conversation about Birmingham as the up-and-coming technology, financial and creative hub.

Crowned the UK’s regional start-up capital, the city’s big thinkers in business are putting Birmingham back on the map. As London has less of a pull, the creative landscape is shifting, and with Digbeth as our doorstep HDY sits amongst the movers and shakers who are leading the way. 

As we enter our fourth year, HDY Agency is very much in tandem with this burgeoning Brummie boom. Marked by us bagging the ‘Fastest Growth Award’ last year. So far, we’ve drawn in excess of £500,000 back into the region. With Andy Herbert as our new COO, a trajectory of sustained growth will only open up more opportunities for emerging talent in the region. 

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