A look back at the top 4 Mother’s Day campaigns

27th March 2022

For one day a year, children, grandchildren, fathers and more come together to show their Mum just how much she means to them. 

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the women in our lives. The mums who have showered us with love and nurtured us with care since before we can even remember. 

For some, though, this time of year can be challenging. From tricky family dynamics to strained relationships, constant talk around Mother’s Day can make a difficult time harder.

Some businesses see Mother’s Day as an opportunity to boost sales, a simple no-brainer on the marketing plan. However, some companies tell us a narrative, consider various audiences and use content to showcase the diverse truths behind Mother’s Day. 

So, in honour of Mother’s Day, here are our top 4 favourite Mother’s Day Campaigns.

‘Mommy Bahama’ by 72andSunny New York – 2018

Maternity leave is usually met with various comments from a string of innocent colleagues. “Bet you’re excited for your time off!” they say. But, maternity leave isn’t exactly a holiday. Mothers are often met with the shock of leaving a nine-to-five job for a 24/7 one.

Shining a light on misconceptions around maternity leave, the team at 72andSunny came up with a line of “maternity resort wear – for the vacation all those folks think you’re going on.” Launching on Mother’s Day, the agency started a conversation on the reality of maternity leave. 

‘Dear Mom’ by Hallmark Gold Crown Commercial – 2020

As you can imagine, greeting card sales soar in the lead up to Mother’s Day. Hallmark Gold Crown are key players in the greeting card industry, and created this moving ad as a tribute to the special day.

In this heart-touching clip, we see the relationship between a mother and her daughter with downs syndrome develop as she supports her daughter throughout various stages of growing up. Witnessing this beautiful bond is enough to get the waterworks going… and also reminded us to grab a card for Mum.

#EveryMum by Tesco – 2020

Championing inclusivity, Tesco’s 2020 Mother’s Day ad shows children with their Mothers in every sense of the word. This included a range of non-biological mums such as step-mums, foster mums, second mums and aunts. What amplifies the impact in this ad is Tesco’s choice not to use actors. These are real stories told by real people.

Whilst Tesco’s ad doesn’t promote any of their products or show support to any specific charity, it definitely tugs at the heartstrings and showcase’s its brand personality. A brand that’s for real people, with real stories. 

‘Foster Welcome’ by Ritz – 2021

If there’s one thing Mum’s have down, it’s their ability to make kids feel welcome with the best snacks (even the healthy kind.)

In this heartwarming ad for cracker brand Ritz, they shed light on Mum’s outside of the biological sense. Ritz used 2021 Mother’s Day as an opportunity to celebrate foster parents, their hard work, dedication and compassion. Collaborating with The American National Foster Parent Association, this ad was created to raise awareness and make foster parents and children feel included in the national holiday.

So there you have it, a range of Mother’s Day campaigns that celebrate mother-child relationships in all their glory. Which one of these had you reaching for the tissues?

If you’re looking to create some eye-catching content to get your brand noticed in time for the next national holiday, get in touch with us here at HDY. With a range of services spanning strategy, content, branding and more, we’re certain we can make your ideas come to life!