How Do You

make a pocket-sized, digitalised cruise shopping experience?

We’ve worked closely with our leading travel client, Harding on a number of amazing projects. From their shiny new website to several successful campaigns, we have helped drive the sales of their 22 cruise brand partners across the globe. Harding wanted to bring out a new retail experience whilst onboard.

The aim was to move away from traditional paper marketing methods and towards digital. An increasingly necessary transition in a post-Covid world. So, we put our heads together and came up with the idea for the Love Cruise Shopping App.

We worked closely with app developers Appoly, to make top-offers available at the fingertips of cruise ship travellers onboard the likes of Marella Cruises, P&O, SAGA and Virgin Voyages. 

HDY took charge of UX, UI and the entire interactive design of the app, steering customers towards personalised branded promotions with an intuitive and streamlined interface for onboard customers. 

With the Love Cruise app in shipshape, we’re ready to launch!