How Do You

build a bold brand identity for a new UK ride-hailing app to help disrupt a monopolised market?

When UVA; a major new player in the ride-hailing industry, appointed HDY to help shape their brand identity, we were thrilled and ready to raise the game! As a company with a big heart and big plans, UVA’s solid foundation really struck a chord with us. We couldn’t wait to lead from the front and help change the way ride-hailing works, for good. 

To kick things off, we conducted comprehensive quantitative and qualitative research to gain crucial market insights to test how well UVA’s unique brand pillars resonated with their audience. As part of our insight lead brand development, we created detailed pen portraits to inform our design. From there, the next task was to translate these findings into the UVA look and feel and create a dependable, disruptive brand with ‘honesty’ at its core.

In creating UVA’s brand identity document, simplicity was our guiding principle. It can be heard in the straight-talking tone of voice and the solid brand pillars. And it can be seen in the iconic pink marker, the clear typeface and the bold palette of primary colours.

With thorough research and the bright minds to apply those insights creatively. We were able to simply and powerfully articulate the UVA brand

Buckle up, there are big things around the corner!