How Do You

deliver account based marketing at scale to drive lead engagement?

Sodexo Vital Spaces transforms the workplace and empowers teams. By creating agile environments, Vital Spaces optimises business performance and provides the building blocks for meaningful employee connections.

Feeling confident in the hands of HDY, Sodexo Corporate Services approached us for an awareness campaign. Looking to generate new leads and place them front of mind, Sodexo Vital Spaces wanted to be the go-to supplier for businesses that were due to review their workspace contracts.

Looking to bolster lead generation, HDY set out in creating a campaign strategy that would educate prospects, validate audiences and convert new leads. However, getting to that point required insight. It meant digging deep into the data provided by the client to identify the prevalent audiences to target.

With an audience split down the middle, we established three content pillars to deliver our strategy of optimising our audience profiling and ad types.

By executing an integrated channel approach to a detailed account based marketing strategy, we reached key personnel across paid social media with a bias to target via LinkedIn and paid search and CRM automation.

To resonate and connect with our defined audiences, HDY created thought leadership content, gated for download to encourage a data exchange. This naturally led to segmented retarget and provide further nurture through our lead magnets.

What made this project stand out amongst the rest was the sheer scale of content created. We implemented two lead magnets, two case studies for Adidas and AstraZeneca, two landing pages of copy, nine emails, and four custom articles and numerous pieces of thought leadership.