How Do You

utilise hyper-local influencers to drive ticket sales?

Warwick Castle, a place where legacies stand still and tales are told. When the castle prepared to reopen their doors post-pandemic, they needed help in boosting awareness of its upcoming event, ‘Sundown Spectacular’. In partnership with Digbeth Dining Club, ‘Sundown Spectacular’ was the ultimate end to a summer celebration. Warwick Castle invited guests to soak up the end of the summer sun and immerse themselves in an evening of live bands, DJs, unique bars, street food and a spectacular fireworks finale – it was the perfect setting in the encapsulating atmosphere of the castle grounds. 

When developing an influencer campaign your audience must come first. With the campaign aimed at the 18-30 demographic we approached a range of influencers who were within this age bracket or who had a following audience in this sector. To generate a social momentum we ensured that all influencers involved were local to the area, and have a good following and engagement rate.

Facing their challenge head on, we needed to create a campaign that saw an uplift in ticket sales and link clicks with less than 2 weeks to the event. With a fast-paced turnaround, we had our impeccable influencer marketing team on the case. Using the latest technology, we are able to find high performing influencers for brands, distinguish specific demographics, define interests and locate engagement rates to validate influencers. Combined with a savvy media plan, the campaign saw an enormous spike in purchasing intent and made the ‘Sundown Spectacular’ a huge success!